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How to identify, choose and grow herbs with an A-Z directory and more than 730 photographs

Author: Jessica Houdret

Herbs have been highly regarded by different cultures both ancient and modern. Appealing to all senses, they are prized for their range of scents and remarkable seasoning qualities, as well as medicinal properties.

This beautifully presented book offers a visual identifier and a gardening guide, with expert advice on growing and using hundreds of herbs.

The botanical A-Z directory of herbs covers over 250 individually photographed plants. Essential information is given on habitat, cultivation and the parts of the herb used for their culinary, fragrant or medicinal properties.

The book explains how to design and plant your garden. Themed herb gardens, such as a medieval garden, a Shakespearean garden and a pot-pourri herb garden, are described with planting plans and plant lists. Advice on how to choose herbs to suit your garden conditions and location is given.

Full advice is given on herb gardening, from designing, planning and planting to propagating and harvesting the plants. There are step-by-step projects for creating herb features such as raised beds and herb wheels, as well as guidance on day-to-day maintenance, and how to effectively deal with pests and diseases. Suggestions are given for the best uses of the herbs, including how to preserve them in vinegar, oils and sugar.

Both an inspirational and practical guide to herbs and herb gardening, with over 730 photographs, plans and illustrations

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Specific Details

Softcover: 264 pages
Title: The Practical Guide to Garden Herbs
Author: Jessica Houdret
Publisher: Southwater
Date: 2011
ISBN: 1780190832
Language: English
Weight: 1 lbs 7.3 ounces

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