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Author: Susan Carter, Carrie Becker, Bob Lilly

Perennials play a central role in today's gardens. Choosing specific plants, however, can be daunting. Is this plant hardy in my area? How big does it get? When does it bloom? Perennials: The Gardener's Reference answers these and many other questions for more than 2,700 species and cultivars in 250 genera, making it one of the most comprehensive guides available. The informative text is enlivened throughout by the authors' wide-ranging experience with perennials and by Lynne Harrison's sumptuous photographs. Whether you're a beginning gardener, a seasoned expert, or a green-industry professional, Perennials: The Gardener's Reference will be the book you turn to again and again for essential information about these supremely beautiful and useful plants.

306 color photos, 1 map

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Specific Details

Hardcover: 544 pages
Title: Perennials: The Gardener's Reference
Author: Susan Carter, Carrie Becker, Bob Lilly
Publisher: Timber Press
Date: 2007
ISBN: 0881928208
Language: English
Weight: 4 lbs 15.1 ounces

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