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A New Approach to Displaying Plants in the Home

Author: Diana Yakeley

Growing plants in the home has always been popular, but Diana Yakeley, an interior and garden designer has developed a stylish new design philosophy for displaying plants in the contemporary home. In this beautiful new book, she shows how to choose and position plants to create maximum impact, taking into account scale and proportion, form and shape, colour and scent, and texture and pattern. There is also guidance on finding just the right containers and accessories to suit different plants and room schemes.

A section on 'Interiors' looks at each room of the house in turn, revealing the best plants to create a striking focal point. The remaining chapters are a visual extravaganza of plant displays. Choose from the understated elegance of architectural plants, cacti and succulents or foliage plants in 'Plant Sculpture', or indulge those creative urges with the section on 'Colour'. 'Seasonal Displays' shows how to ring in the changes throughout the year, while 'Edible Plants' explains how to grow herbs, salad leaves and tender fruits indoors.

A useful section at the end of the book gives practical advice on how to care for indoor plants, while 'Plant Focus' provides detailed horticultural information on a range of different plants.

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Specific Details

Hardcover: 160 pages
Title: Indoor Gardening
Author: Diana Yakeley
Publisher: Anness Publishing
Date: 2002
ISBN: 1903141117
Language: English
Weight: 2 lbs 5.5 ounces

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