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A practical guide to choosing the best plants for all types of garden, with 3000 entries and 950 photographs

Author: Andrew Mikolajski, John Swithinbank

Choosing a collection of plants is one of the most enjoyable aspects of gardening, and this highly informative encyclopedia is the perfect companion for selecting the best plants to help you create a beautiful and uniquely personal garden.

What exactly is a succulent? How can I grow orchids? What are the best shrubs for a shady garden? All these questions and more are answered in this highly informative encyclopedia of common garden plants. Designed to be read for pleasure as well as for reference, this book offers reader-friendly plant descriptions without the use of intimidating horticultural jargon.

This accessible reference book is divided into fourteen different plant categories. These include familiar garden plant groups such as annuals, perennials and bulbs, as well as specialist plants such as orchids, alpines, and cacti and succulents. The plant entries are arranged alphabetically within each category, with descriptions of each plant, essential information on hardiness, size, and care and cultivation. A wealth of photographs, showing plants either in detail or in their growing habit, lavishly illustrates the encyclopedia. Simple care and maintenance guidelines are also given for each, enabling any gardener to enjoy and benefit from this beautifully illustrated reference book.

Successful gardening depends on choosing the right plants for the conditions on tyour garden. To help with this are lists of recommended plants for a range of different growing conditions. Used in conjunction with the plant entries, these lists will make your selection process easier, and ultimately more successful.

With its practical advice, clear explanations and descriptions, and stunning plant portraits, this informative book is an indispensable guide for any gardener, whether you are looking for new plants for an existing garden or starting from scratch.

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Specific Details

Hardcover: 256 pages
Title: The Visual Encyclopedia of Garden Plants
Author: Andrew Mikolajski, John Swithinbank
Publisher: Southwater
Date: 2008
ISBN: 0754818853
Language: English
Weight: 3 lbs 10.0 ounces

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