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A Step-by-Step Guide to Smart Plant Choices and Four-Season Designs

Author: Stephanie Cohen and Jennifer Benner

The Nonstop Garden gives gardeners all the information they need to create a productive, beautiful garden from the ground up. This easy-to-use guide is split into four main parts: the nuts and bolts of designing a mixed garden, the garden's main attractions (trees and shrubs), the garden's supporting cast (bulbs, annuals, edibles, and vines), and finishing touches (ornamentation, containers, and garden structures). The Nonstop Garden also includes ten fail-safe design plans that can be incorporated into any garden. Gardeners can choose from a native garden, a scented garden, a gold-colored garden, a garden for wet sites, a vibrant-colored garden, a cool-colored garden, a winter garden, a shade garden, and a design plan for the daunting area known as the hellstrip.

By following Cohen and Benner's trusted advice and building a nonstop garden, you’ll have more creative planting options, a garden that provides year-round interest, and — most importantly — a yard that requires less maintenance than a traditional perennial border. Building a better, smarter garden.

215 color photos; 10 color illustrations

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Specific Details

Softcover: 248 pages
Title: The Nonstop Garden
Author: Stephanie Cohen and Jennifer Benner
Publisher: Timber press
Date: 2010
ISBN: 0881929514
Language: English

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