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Ecology for Gardners

Author: John E. G. Good, David Milward

Alpine Plants: Ecology for Gardeners explores ecosystems above the treeline on mountains and beyond the treeline in sub-polar regions from a gardener's perspective. It looks at the effects of geology and soils, low temperatures, precipitation, drought, and snow on the morphology and life cycles of alpine plants — including perennial herbs and grasses, annuals and biennials, prostrate and dwarf shrubs, bulbs, and cushion plants. Armed with an understanding of how plants function in these extreme environments, gardeners will be able to tailor their cultivation practices in lowland gardens to mimic the alpine habitat as closely as possible. A concise introduction to the science behind the success of alpine plants, this fascinating and accessible book is an invaluable complement to more plant-focused references.

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Specific Details

Hardcover: 192 pages
Title: Alpine Plants
Author: John E. G. Good, David Milward
Publisher: Timber Press
Date: 2007
ISBN: 0881928119
Language: English

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